Wave Power

When thinking about power, few ever imagine the reliable and constant supply of energy that can come from wave power.

Wave power is simply that; ocean wave motion transformed and harnessed into electrical current, providing power for off-shore platforms, and even near-shore cities with grids.

Living off the grid in the middle of the ocean on artificial islands or atols, military bases for test sites, research, oil drilling, anything that is in the middle of the ocean near constant wave motion.

Wave power beating offshore close to costal cities, offers around 15,000 tera-watts of extractable electricity every year, even more than the global demand.

The different methods of harnessing this clean energy from ocean waves can vary.

SyncWave Energy develops one of the simplest, most economic, robust wave energy conversion technologies in the world.

SyncWave Power Resonator for example transforms wave power into useful energy for the on going and growing market of off grid hybrid and continuous into-the-grid power alike.

Wave power could potentially solve our worlds energy crisis, and create dynamic solutions for a world that is overpopulating by the year.

Off-the-grid communities living on artificial islands just might be the future and are sure to use wave power as one of their main sources of energy.

Wave power is a clean and viable solution for the future.

SyncWave Energy Inc.
Box 459 1422 Collins Rd.
Pemberton, British Columbia
Canada V0N 2L0
Phone: 1-604-894-0116


Posted in Alternative Energy by admin on August 13, 2006.

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