Tulsi Hybrid Solar Cooking Oven

Tulsi Hybrid Solar Cooking Oven is both a solar oven and electric oven in one beautiful design.

Tulsi Solar Cooking Oven was developed in cooperation from Sun BD Corporation and Rohitas Electronics (of India) to develop a versatile solar cooker that could be just as environmentally friendly on cloudy days as it is on sunny days.

The incentive through building a hybrid solar/electric cooking oven should provide Americans with more freedom of choice when thinking about cooking wear that lasts.

Tulsi Hybrid Solar Cooking Oven allows for better tasting food than fire stoves, it avoids fire hazards, and conserves reserve fuel energies like wood, propane and charcoal.

Tulsi Hybrid Solar Cooking Oven even comes with a thirty-day trial all-money-back guaranteed if not fully satisfied.

One of the very few, Tulsi Hybrid Solar Cooking Oven was designed to make our nation a better place to live, with solar cooking and electrical cooking both available in one portable package that is beautiful as well as practical.


Posted in Solar Gadgets by admin on November 9, 2006.

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