Transparent Solar Cells

40MWp thin-film transparent solar cells produced by CMC Magnetics Corp of Taiwan while Oerlikon Solar supplies environmentally friendly materials, production of transparent solar cells for the public at large should begin in 2008.

Transparent solar cells are the big secret these two eco-friendly global business partners are looking to get on the market by next year, through thin-film modules of silicon that conduct energy in an architecturally versatile way.

What makes these solar cells transparent is the use of TCO (Transparent Conductive Oxide) smashed between two panes of solid transparent materials used in construction and architecture, such as flexible plastic or rigid glass.

Thin-film solar cells can be semi-transparent to virtually black, because of the use of colored die that is usually baked onto the internal surface of one of the external transparent plates, thereby reaching into the visual light spectrum of conductivity.

A transparent solar cell works much like a leaf during photosynthesis in this respect, generating electricity in an astonishingly productive manner.

A serious, quality control, end-to-end, turnkey operation style plant, with experimental TCO technology that has as of yet, only been available to the academic community for more than 15 years; is now finally going to be available to the consumer.

The Oerlikon-CMC contract also includes upgrade production for the Oerlikon next-generation of Micromorph Tandem thin-films. Tandem Cells carry a higher bandgap, thus absorbing more of the visible spectrum from solar light and less of the infrared.

Oerlikon and CMC are working together to bring thin-film solar energy and transparent solar cell solutions to the global community at a price that is both reasonable and productive, launching a new era of architecture to those who enjoy the beauty thin-film technology.

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Oerlikon Solar lands another major order


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