SunCity Co-Op with Mountain View California

SolarCity CA is a Green Company working in the Bay Area, with residential co-ops for whole communities interested in reducing their energy bill in 95% or in some cases, 100% through buy-now rebates and buy-back programs like those offered by PGE, such as is the case with Mountain View, California.

While the rebates on the buy-back program go down more and more every year, the race is on to make this technology as affordable as possible, as fast as possible, and SolarCity has come up with a Co-Op program for the Bay Area that makes solar an immediate and available alternative for everybody, right now.

By calculating all the factors in a systems potential performance (sun hours, tilt and shading), SunCity can provide the exact cost of investment to each private owner, but it doesnt stop there.

SunCity has contacts with GreenBanks that will finance (100%) solar energy for residential spaces with nothing but fax information within 24hrs.

SunCity will float rebates from companies such as PGE immediately (while PGE will take four months to pay SunCity back).

In the end; you will pay monthly, not a penny more than what you are paying right now for energy from your current electric company in the Bay Area, but instead of paying PGE, you pay the GreenBank back for as little as 8 years.

After that, its free for as long as the solar panels last (given the life expectancy of the most reliable solar panels; 20-30yrs).

At the moment, SolarCity is aiming for at least 175kW of residential power to more than fifty homes in all of Mountain View, Los Altos, Menlo Park and Woodside communities at once, because the economy and efficiency comes from doing installations all at once.

An army of electricians with discipline and skill, all coordinated in a clock-work fashion to install these highly efficient residential solar panelswith precision and technique at one single moment will ensure everyone in the neighborhood gets the best service/price possible; by simply using the collective-buy to SolarCity advantage.

Google Tech Talks has a one hour seminar on exactly all the highlights and financial details for those people living in the Mountain View Area, but even if your address isnt Mountain View, as long as you are within SolarCity reach (Bay Area), they are sure to give you the BEST price available on the market to day!

While The SunCity Co-Op with Mountain View California is to be the largest residential solar purchase of its kind to date (April 2007), it is also one of the most honest and accessible so far!

Solar City trusts in you for a better tomorrow, starting today.

Watch via Google Video:
SolarCity and the Mountain View Solar CO-OP


Posted in Solar Times by admin on April 17, 2007.

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