Sun, Wind and Light

Bringing architectural design strategies to life with Sun, Wind and Light; practical tools, that use the latest in passive energy lighting research, organizing information in building groups, building parts and individual buildings, this book clarifies the relationship between form and energy, applying their tools for sustainability.

Comfort in the home, school or office of today, goes beyond the materials and building techniques of the industrial revolution, we are on the verge of total planetary meltdown, but by taking advantage of peoples deep down desires to become self-reliant, and some of the most insightful studies into architectural history, as well as the natural go-green-trends, we can achieve sustainability, one project at a time.

As thinkers, we know that the structures people live, work and play in, deeply affect their psychology, as well as their humor, and overall well-being.

If we have a building that is labeled as energy efficient, we know that those people using it, are going to think twice about the de mode artwork the interior decorator decided to place on the surface of a lobby wall, where we know from experience peoples attention is definitely going to fall most intently, because we understand exactly how the elements should play around each other.

In what way can we use natural sunlight and wind to keep a structure well lit, well ventilated, cool in the summer, warm in the winter and know exactly which option for what job is the best one, right now?

This 400-page paperback, written by G. Z. Brown and Mark DeKay, published by Wiley in the second edition as of October of 2004, with over 109 analysis/design techniques, over 750 illustrations, tables and sizing graphs inboth inch and metric, measuring 11 x 8.4 x 1.1 and shipping at 2.4 pounds.

Use nature to your advantage, with to-the-point knowledge for using onsite resources to their maximum efficiency for a more sustainable outlook on architectural design strategies that take the greatest advantages from sun, wind and light in the clearest detail for professionals who need answers right now.


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