Sterling Power Plant

The Sterling Power Plant is a revolutionary concept in renewable and sustainable energy sources that can generate electricity at low temperatures of 150 degrees and doubly serve as a refrigerating unit.

Steam energy has been used forhundreds of years, perhaps even thousands if Alexandria really did have a steam engine on one of the vault doors as legend has it. But the sterling power plant uses steam in a way that is compliant to the needs of the now and far different than anythingused previously because it works off of low temperatures.

Low temperature thermal energy generation with the Sterling Power Plant uses elements such as butane and pentane to boil furiously at a mere 150 degrees and eliminates the traditional feed pump fora system of valves that heat and cool all the related elements of the system at once.

The problem with a traditional steam generator is that once the vapor has passed through the electrical turbine, the vapor must be cooled down into liquid form and returned to the broiler unit without loosing pressure. The feed pump would have the role of keeping that pressure constantly, while still injecting small quantities of liquid at regular intervals.

The traditional feed pump has been replaced in the Sterling Power Plant, which uses a valve that heats the liquid back up to the same temperature as the broiler, while building up pressure and after releasing, cools the remaining vapor to the temperature of the receiving liquid, then repeating the cycle again.

The same conduits that heat the broiler at low temperatures and cool the escaping vapor from the turbine are the same used to heat and cool the transition compartment also known as the heat exchanger.

The Sterling Power Plant can use any heat source that is being wasted or constantly renewable, such as solar, geothermal, wood or industrial waste from factories and such.

One other use of this technology is to reduce the cost of OTEC generators.

OTEC is a geothermal technology for deep sea and ocean electricity generators, with the use of this system which optimizes the structure of steam energy thermal dynamics in a way never before patented, it could be feasible and reliable for the long term of sustainable communities living out in the great expansive sea on artificial seasteading islands way off the grid, such as the ones proposed by René Kardol in his thesis Proposed Inhabited Artificial Islands in International Waters.

With sustainable, it is all about spending less amounts of energy and the Sterling Power Plant is a whole new way to look at generating electricity from solar water heaters and other renewable sources of low temperature energy, that meets that demand.

Company Information:
Matteran Energy
9061 SW 156th St., Suite A122
Village of Palmetto Bay, Florida 33157
Contact: Jeff Sterling, manager
Phone: 786-797-7007


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