SolarMission Technologies

SolarMission Technologies Inc. owns an exclusive license to Solar Tower technology, used to generate large-scale amounts of clean, safe, renewable and environmentally friendly 200MW of electricity 24hrs a day.

SolarMission Technologies Inc. is dedicated to finding places in desert regions the world over to implement this revolutionary technology, that costs only 800U$ million dollars each.

One such effort was the licensing of EnvironMission Ltd. in Australia to publicly trade shares of this new tech, for the very first large-scale plant.

SolarMission Technologies Inc owns 35% of EnviroMission stock and uses EM achievements to help show the world how really incredible this new technology can be and not just for generating electricity, but also as a new wonder of the world, taking us further and further towards becoming a solar village.

SolarMission is currently working on disseminating the idea of this technology in the continental united states, such as the South West desert regions that suffer from ongoing power shortagesand with the growing population in that region of our country, a Solar Tower power generation plant just might make a difference.

SolarMission Technologies Inc. bases the whole solar tower concept on what used to be referred to in academic circles as a solar chimney, such as the pilot project in Spain just outside of Madrid where Dom Quixote first set out on his quest.

Traditional chimneys usually burn some kind of natural resource such as wood, coal or oil and therein release CO2, a gas that is highly enjoyed by greenhouse plants, which is what makes this Solar Chimney so fantastic for environmentalists, it consumes CO2 and generates energy!

This Solar Tower technology is taking us ever closer to a cleaner world, the pilot project in Spain for example actually produces a green house of native plants underneath its solar catchment plastic.

Solar Tower technology was not designed to be a green house, it was designed to be an efficiently clean and renewable source of sustainable energy generation, but the larger the radius of the transparent plastic material (only one millimeter thick) and the taller the chimney, the more energy this technology can potentially produce.

Infrared gets through the plastic, but not ultraviolet, and plants just love the moist conditions that occur at night, thriving to create in this manner an O2 producer, CO2 consumer
SolarMission Technologies Inc. does not propose a solution to recovering our atmosphere, but it does show our global community the founding principles of sustainable energy consumption practices here on earth.

Solar Mission Technologies would hope that one day, we could reclaim the earth of 150 years ago, with knowledge that takes us one step closer to a sustainable solar village.


Posted in Solar Times by admin on March 20, 2007.

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