Solar Wireless Access Point

iRData Corporation makes and sells a self contained solar wireless access point. The SWAP900 is an access point for WiFi prepared computers that is totally self-sustainable on solar power.

If you find yourself in an Internet hot spot or rural network, places like construction sites, agricultural communities, sports or recreational events, the SWAP900 is perfect for staying off the grid.

WiFi users are the upcoming trend in Internet, as there is a good part of our country still living too far away from the city to be on the grid, and in these cases, emergency networks or remote private storage networks can be interesting.

Security monitoring with these solar wireless access points are excellent because of the hardy construction and all purpose mounting.

For this reason, RV Parks, Boat Marinas, Telemetry and Research Networks can all benefit from the sustainable resources that SWAP900 provides, energy from sunlight.

A solar wireless access point with the SWAP900 means a self-contained, 2.4 gigs of WiFi speed, and adaptable to any mesh-network.

iRData Corporation
2973 Harbor Blvd.
Suite 630
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Phone: (714) 434-9964


Posted in Solar Gadgets by admin on August 17, 2006.

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