Solar WiFi

What is Solar WiFi? It is a wireless digital network broadcasting that uses solar energy for those totally off the grid in a low cost educational K-12 effort to break the digital barrier between those with electricity and those without.

Solar Wifi is a straight forward out of the packaging solar powered wireless fidelity digital network for intranet and Internet users alike.

Ever since 1928 when Herman Potoènik Noordung published his soul work, The Problem of Space Travel – The Rocket Motor, the idea of bringing the worlds information and communication systems into one beautiful invisible web was first set down and institutions like GreenWifi.Org are living his legacy today.

Since 1928, much has happened, technology has advanced, wars have been raged, lives lost and almost 80 years later, we are only now beginning to see the importance of a globalized networks of human communication, free of wires.

Solar WiFi technology is an entire network that can be placed freely, anywhere in any pattern, without power lines or wires.

GreenWifi.Org is dedicated to a new battle, The Battle of the Great Digital Divide. Hording information is like hording medication from the wounded.

Solar WiFi is a technology that can breach that enormous gap between people, languages, cultures, economies and heal the world with free communication systems for those in places without, especially children.

If our planet is to learn from historical errors, the greatest ever was the closing of all Greek and Roman schools that taught the Seven Liberal Arts in 529AD in Constanople. Humanity never again felt thesame level of scientific and cultural advances until the publication of Encyclopedia of Philosophy in 1751 in Paris. 1200 years of darkness due to the lack of a proper education; hording information is a moral crime against humanity.

The more people with access to information the higher quality of life we can guarantee for the future generations, it is not only logic, it repeats itself historically.

What could be more sustainable than solar wifi for the future of our world? Investing in education is investing in the future.

The greatest educational divide with the popularization of the Internet is the virtual reserve of collective human experience and knowledge being limited to only those with access to the digital world.

Solar WiFi comes out of the box ready to use, and easy to install, allowing those in impoverished and underdeveloped nations to have access to the realm of the high-speed flow of electrons, anywhere in the world.

It has come time for Noordungs vision of global communication with invisible wireless satellite broadcasting to come true, Solar WiFi is the technology and GreenWifi.Org is fighting the first battle.

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