Solar Water Pump

The solar water pump is advertised as an alternative to windmill and grid power. The solar water pump itself, apart from advertiser politics, is a great product for off the grid power for pulling water from the water table in a well.

Solar power (in this case for well water pumps) are a better alternative than grid power. But solar is on a level playing field in the market with wind power as long as the generator doesn’t stall from wind speeds that are faster than the motor can handle.

A few advertisers advertise solar water pumps as a better alternative to wind power, only to contradict themselves deeper in their web page where they say that wind turbines are a good alternative for cloudy days.

The solar water pump is a very good way to pull water from a well without the use of grid electricity.

The look of the solar water pumps set of photovoltaic PV cells come with a variety of equipment that are designed to fit in well with the surrounding rustic environment of rural living.

The panels are rectangular and they accent the landscape, rather than overpower it. This adds a sense of well being to old rural farms, both in the winter and in the summer. These cells look great with the water pump year round, from region to region.


The key is that the look of the cells used to run the solar water pump sit low to the ground. Lower than the well itself, or say a nearby corral fence.

There are attachments like the solar pump track that help panel track the sun as it crosses the sky.

The solar water pump is ideal for any home that gets water directly from a well and then pumps that water to a tank, or irrigation system for a farm.

There are submersible pumps and surface pumps.

Surface pumps can pull the water twenty feet via suction, and push or lift the water nine hundred feet.

Submersible pumps are for deep well water pumping, or long distance irrigation.

Solar water pumps are a great transitional technology for powering the well pump until less expensive installation and production ways of gaining free electricity reach the mainstream do it yourselfer, and are then followed up by commercial enterprise.

Since negligent commercialism lead to the environmental and energy crisis, gig advertising in any industry should not affect the integrity of the product.

Do it yourselfers know that a water pump, is a water pump. Hook it up to a wind mill on cloudy rainy days, a solar panel on sunny days, or home made radio circuit array on any day.

However, if your busy, and can afford it a solar powered well water pump kit; it is an easy time saver, as long as the company comes out to install the panel or the field fan. If your in a remote area that the company does not service, its still a time consuming DIY project that is going to need your attention.

Build your own solar-powered water pumping station – By Jeffrey Yago, P.E., CEM


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