Solar Water Heating Book

Solar Water Heating is a guide to solar heating systems for water and spaces, focusing on the history of solar heating, how to finance it and how to do it yourself.

Presenting the basics and history of solar water and space heating as well as recent modern history.

Not too many books out there talk about the history of solar water heating, but this book does, making the subject not only appealing to the interested, but also informational for those who would rather not look at mathematical equations and technical drawing the whole time.

By dealing in the history of this subject, the authors manage to awaken the average readers joy for renewable technologies and the motivation to start doing-it-themselves.

Bob Ramlow takes advantage of his knowledge as an installer to explain exactly how you choose the appropriate system, sizing, choice of site, components, installation, operation, maintenance, advantages, disadvantages, pool heating, solar water and the different types of solar collectors.

Founder of MREA (Midwest Renewable Energy Association) and consultant for the Wisconsin Focus on Energy Program, Bob Ramlow has over thirty years of experience with solar systems. This is a man who puts his heart and soul into what he does.

This 239-page paperback written by Bob Ramlow and Benjamin Nusz, was released by New Society Publishers in June of 2006, measuring 8.9 x 7.4 x 0.7 and ships at 12.8 ounces.

This book also focuses on the financial aspect of solar water heating as well as the history and what to look for, when making it affordable for your situation today allowing your home, to be just that much more self-reliant and comfortable.

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