Solar Voltaic Pouch

The Solar Voltaic PouchTM is the perfect attachment piece for those with 60lt, 90lt or bigger camping rucksacks, and looking to harvest a little electricity while being off the grid.

Fisherman and fishing-women, camping enthusiasts, girl scouts or even the Crocodile Dundee types, will all find the Solar Voltaic Pouch a useful and important tool for an assortment of small electronics, with one single exception, laptops.

The solar Voltaic Pouch is just the right size to carry a laptop, around 10 liters.

The solar panels and special ion batteries were designed to generate up to four watts of power with three possible voltage settings of 5 volts, 6 volts or 7.2 volts.

This incredible solar-charging Voltaic Pouch is fully padded to ensure that fragile objects such as laptops remain safe even in the most-outdoorsy conditions and still fitting up to a 15-inch screen inside.

The pockets, pouches, wires and channels were all specifically designed thinking about both those looking to take a long journey across the Mohave desert as much as those looking to get in a few weeks out in the middle of the Brazilian Rainforest, just meditating on the peace of fishing in tropical freshwater, yet at the same time, safely connected to the world.

Loops and fastek buckles that attach to other bags with ease, removable buckles that can even serve as an anchor point and even MOLLE compatible PALS for military style rucksacks.

The solar panels themselves on the front of the Voltaic Pouch are made from a special aluminum plastic alloy that can easily protect fragile items stored in the front pockets.

Holding a total of 600 cubic inches of space, the solar Voltaic Pouch made by Voltaic Systems can charge either DC or AC as required and comes standard with 11 adaptors, including USB adaptor.

The Solar Voltaic Pouch can always be used as a standard charging device as well as a generator when the ion batteries are full. The LED light on the Voltaic Systems logo is a charge indicator with style.

Lightweight, tough, rugged and perfect for those looking to spend long periods off the grid, this Solar Voltaic Pouch will make life a lot easier, allowing for even the simplest of creature comforts, out in the middle of nowhere, where a person can be themselves, one with nature, and yet, amazingly, human at the same time.


Posted in Solar Gadgets by admin on October 11, 2006.

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