Solar Voltaic Daypack

The Solar Voltaic DaypackTM will hold 25 liters of daytrip gear and is perfect for those hiking around the city or seeing the sights in distant far away lands.

Business folks, will enjoy the Solar Voltaic Daypack made by Voltaic Systems, as it is practical for in-the-field work and especially last minute flights where mobility and communication are a must.

The integrating solar panels are key to this design, as there is no need to unpack solar panels that take up extra space in your carryon.

All devices are securely held within the structure of the daypack itself, including the solar charger, ion batteries, wires and channels for all sorts of small gadgets except a laptop, although it will store one easily inside the main pouch.

Solar Voltaic Daypack was designed to provide not only for comfort, but also safe mobility, while still generating up to four watts of electricity, charging the typical cell phone in anywhere from four to six hours in direct sunlight.

Made from strong yet reliable lightweight aluminum plastic composite, the solar panels, withstand the elements, including heavy rain, sleet and hail, but provide an excellent protection for delicate electronics or other objects that might be held within their pouches.

The battery pack of the solar Voltaic Daypack will charge at 5, 6 or even 7.2 volts, comes with a built in LED torch and can be used as a generator when fully charged.

The charge indicator is elegantly a part of the stylish logo of Voltaic Systems, a company thinking ahead.

PDAs, MP3, cell phones, digital cameras, two way radios camcorders…etc. Solar Voltaic Daypack is perfect for small devices, is cool looking, sporty and best of all, perfect for those traveling around on or off the grid, but still in need of immediate electricity anywhere, anytime.

Solar Voltaic Daypack manufactured by Voltaic Systems is freedom of movement in a world that is learning, little by little, that the meaning of sustainable solar energy; belongs to everyone


Posted in Solar Gadgets by admin on October 11, 2006.

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