Solar Voltaic Backpack

The Solar Voltaic Backpack is perfect for those looking for a portable solar charger and a large backpack in one aesthetic design.

With silver, orange, green or charcol details on the solar panels optional, this is more than just a school bag, it is an on/off grid 30 liter backpack of the future.

The Voltaic Backpack is made by Voltaic Systems and is now commercially available to the consumer.

1,850 cubic inches of storage space blends with multiple pockets and wire channels for different electronic devices, including cell phone, MP3/MPEG/I-pod player, palmtop, digital camera or digital camcorder.

The shoulder straps are an interesting design that include high-density padding, adjustable phone/MP3 pouch and a channel tube to an optional bladder pouch.

The back panel also includes high-density padding with nylon mesh for better airflow. The fabric is 840D nylon that is UV resistant PU.

The solar panels on the front are strategically located to protect fragile objects inside the front pockets.

Weighting no more than 3.5 pounds when empty including the battery and solar panels, the solar Voltaic Backpack is 20 inches high, 10 to 15 inches wide and 7 to 10 inches deep, holding up to 30 liters.

The 2,200mAh Li-Ion battery pack is well built and can be set to three different voltages, generate up to four watts of power on three solar panels that are lightweight, waterproof and eliminate the need for a car charger or outlet for a diverse array of small electronics.

The Solar Voltaic Backpack can be AC or DC and comes with 11 standard adapters including universal sizes for cell phones.

Solar Voltaic Backpack made by Voltaic Systems is perfect for travelers going on or off the grid alike, and ensures sustainability for the long haul.


Posted in Solar Gadgets by admin on October 4, 2006.

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