Solar Ventilator Fan

The Solar Ventilator from Hong Kong’s Goldmaster, a self-contained solar fan for producing cost-free air circulation throughout the home or office working off of only solar electricity.

The Chinese have always known the importance of conducting clean and refreshing soft breezes throughout the home; for aeons they have known this from the origins of Feng Shui, one of their most sacred cultural heritages, more than 30,000 years ago.

Bringing ancient knowledge in line with modern technology is part of creating a better way of life on the planet, and the many different cultures on earth all have something to teach one another, if only we keep our ears open and eyes peeled for insights.

Taking a small breeze in through the front window, and out through a back window, is exactly like sending Qi (Chi) throughout the structure, allowing one to revitalize and refresh ones own energies, constantly removing the polluted energies like a river filters polluted waters, making for a more appealing atmosphere that feels good, all the time, without using a single drop of electricity from the grid and completely offsetting the owners CO2 emissions.

This Solar Ventilator is black, easy to install, comes with reliable polycarbonate housing, has a current of 300mA, 2V output, 20mA to 100mA motor-current, 1V to 3V motor-voltage, two yards of cable wire from the solar panel to the fan body and a five inch fan; the body measures 140mm x 140mm x 75mm, while the panel measures 140mm x 67mm x 8mm and the whole thing ships at only 4 pounds.

Using the elements of nature to push and pull air around the home or office, this self-contained window fan, the Solar Ventilator, transforms your home into a self-reliant temple of peace and energy that reflects ancient thinking in modern technology.


Posted in Solar Gadgets by admin on March 12, 2008.

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