Solar Tower

Solar Tower is an environmentally safe and clean 200MW generating electric power plant that can provide enough electricity to power around 200,000 homes 24hrs a day by harnessing the heat of our sun.

A single isolated kilometer high cement tower (3281 feet) filled with 32 power-generating turbines of 6.25MW each with a transparent green house glass in a radius of equal distance around the towers base intensifyingly heating the air to a point of 70 degrees Celsius, the hot air is forced to rise, and at 15km/s (49sq.ft./s) the excess heat is stored in the ground, being released only at night, providing a full 24hr service.

Once known in academic circles as a solar chimney, the market frowns upon the usage of the term chimneyas it conjures up evil connotations that remind people of pollution and nothing could be farther from the truth with a solar chimney (now known as a solar tower) as they are 100% environmentally friendly.

The first solar tower to be built was the prototype in Manzanares Spain, a small-scale project that operated between 1982 and 1989 (50kW), proving the system worked.

Now the first large-scale Solar Tower to be built is budgeted to cost 800U$ million dollars in the Buronga district of the Wentworth Shire in New South Whales, 25km north east of Mildura in Victoria.

The rights to build solar tower technology in Australia are owned by EnviroMission Ltd, who plans to build the first of five of these 1000-meter high towers by 2008, legislature and financial incentives should make this possible.

The Solar Tower was first put into field tests, largely by the passion of German structural engineer Professor Jörg Schlaich.

Professor Jörg Schlaich is one of the founding partners of the structural engineering firm Schlaich Bergermann and Partner.

In the US, Solar Mission Inc. is the company developing this ideal energy generating technology for the south-western regions, to sustain our ongoing energy needs.

Together, in a solar village we call the earth, the world is becoming ever more conscious of what cleaner, healthier lifestyles truly mean and the consequences of our current behaviors; this is what will disseminate Solar Tower technology.

Solar Tower high-tech large-scale power generation is the future of our planet, hopefully providing a healthier solar village by 2010.


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