Solar Roof Tile

Solar roof tile is the fusion of the visual vocabulary that is essential to a beautiful seamless roof, and the syntax of energy efficiency.

Solar roof tile is much less bulky than traditional solar panels for roofs, it is very streamline, and very non-intrusive, while protecting a home from the elements, creating revenue, and simultaneously providing free electricity.

Solar roof tileA sleeker look than the bulky solar panels of the past that one thinks of when the image of such a solar panel comes to mind. The image of what looks like an energy wing of a satellite, only resting on roof tops is a thing of the past. Solar roof tiles are a look refined several sections down the dialect train from the antiquated image of our scientific past.

The general design of the solar panel needed an overhaul, a make over, a redo worthy of the reality shows on cable televisions educational channels. The original design was in 1954, so its visual over haul is past due, and has finally arrived in a big way.

This sleek look is the key to many families deciding to finally make the neighbors envious and switch to hipper, safer and rebate friendly solar roof tiles.

The panels sit on rooftops sowed in above and under the shingles with a tinted bluefish window color, and a dark transparent version of the shingle below it.

The panels are transparent blue in color as a stand-alone product, before roofing them. They weigh about two and a half pounds per square foot. The color visually blends very well with the surrounding rooftop.

The solar roof tiles design is streamlined to interlock with most cement tiles for a sleeker look.

Each panel is a whole unto itself. That means that each row is one whole piece. There are smaller cells that are set in two rows per long panel.

In the states where the consumer is allowed to sell power back to the grid, these non-intrusive roof tile solar panels are able to cut the monthly electric bill down to nearly five dollars a month. In many cases the bill is reversed, and the people get money back from the company running the grid for the energy they have produced.

The growth potential is massive. According to Wired Magazine some experts believe that so many people are buying solar roof tiles that the revenue potential is great enough to have Persian Gulf potential.

There are other applications for this idea, awnings, and other household surfaces that are hit by sunlight are a huge potential resource to manufacturing companies who are looking for new an undiscovered customer base.

Before this change, installing solar panels meant puncturing the roof and bolting the bulky mass to the frame of the house. This voided most roof warranties.

The three main companies that are commercially producing these roof tile panels at present are Sharp, Konarka Technologies and United Solar Ovonic.

Sharp is a major player in the world of solar power. They have made more solar panels than any other company. They started by pwering a light house in 1966. They have the most experience in the industry. They are an indicator company that shows that roof tile solar panels are coming of age in a big way.

This new solar roof tile method is not a warranty violation. The sleeker looking panels are selling like hot cakes. It is a sleek, hip way to earn money and save the environment without destroying the roof, or having an intrusive icon bursting off the top of the house.

Solar roof tile a subtle, ecofriendly, domestic, revolution of the future.

Contributed by David Allison


Posted in Solar Gadgets by admin on August 26, 2008.

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