Solar Revolution

Solar Revolution shows the path solar technology will take within the next couple of decades as the cheapest choice over all other electricity and energy applications; showing exactly how the transition to more sustainable energy practices will begin to occur.

According to Bradford, the global energy industry is one that needs to draw away from non-sustainable sources of energy and this book explains exactly why and how solar power will begin to supply both the economics and business of the industry with an alternative choice that works efficiently in a high-tech manner.

Passive solar and low-tech solutions like skylights, windows, cloths lines and water distillation technologies are NOT a part of this solar revolution however, as this book covers the movement towards solar energy as an economic transformation and the clear cut decisions of a capitalist system being forced into eco-friendly business ethics rather than a cultural revolution or trend.

This 254-page hardcover written by Travis Bradford, published by The MIT Press in September of 2006 measures 9.1 x 6.1 x 0.8 and ships at one Pound.

In the 1980s SWOTs made the difference, in the 1990s creative thinking, innovation and companies that were learning to learn found themselves marked by extreme budget cuts as the big difference, but now the trend has become emotional intelligence and eco-friendliness.

This sink or swim law of basic competition is what is forcing the global energy industry into following the Solar Revolution in an economic transformation andTravis Bradford tells the story that is already becoming a reality within our lifetime.

Solar Revolution shows us exactly how high-tech renewable sources of energy will soon be cheaper than all other conventional forms of electricity and exactly how you can take advantage of this today.

About Author:
Travis Bradford – Founder of The Prometheus Institute for Sustainable Development.


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