Solar Racers

The Sun Powered Micro Vehicles Outdoor Racing Set from Uncle Milton, is an educational toy set of two Solar RacersTMfrom their collectable edition of six, as a part of the Go Green line; manufactured with an eye on teaching our children about the technologies of tomorrow, through the universal language of fun.

Ever since the invention of the wooden toy horse, children have been fascinated with speed and being transported off to realms of infinite imagination, it was no different with the first electromagnetic toy race cars, and although solar toy race cars havent been so popular since the space race, when solar race cars were first sold in magazines like popular mechanics, they have finally made a come back

Solar energy, the power of the sun, that is what Go Green is about, and teaching our children with toys like Solar RacersTMis a dynamic way to begin the conversations about sustainability and self-reliance, taking care of the earth as our civilization was intended by Mother Nature.

We dont need to use batteries to power our toy cars, when we have the sun, and it need not be any more expensive than one of those old racers that would use four double A batteries to go in circles for no more than half an hour and then need replacing.

Solar electric vehicles will go and go and go in the sun, and some will even go fast, if it is going to take a childs imagination to the future; to thoughts of self-reliance, for a more sustainable way of life, then that toy has done the job most educators can only hope for.

Manufactured by Uncle Milton, this outdoor racing set comes with two solar racer trikes, a starting gate, 5of race track, intended for ages 6 and up, for outdoor use only, on smooth surfaces, under direct sunlight; while individual solar racers are sold separately and there are a total of six different collectables, each racer measures 2 ½ x 1 1/8x ¾ with adjustable solar panels on top, shipping at 8 ounces.

This sun powered micro vehicles outdoor racing set with two Solar RacersTM, was designed to teach children about solar energy in a fun and exciting way, through the Go Green toy line manufactured by Uncle Milton, a company that cares about the sustainability of tomorrow, beginning with our childrens education, today!

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Posted in Solar Gadgets by admin on May 13, 2008.

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