Solar Powered Battery Chargers

Solar powered battery chargers were designed to increase self-reliance and improve comfort off-the-grid for a more sustainable way of life that resists consumption and improves on what we already have available, making the best of energy production ourselves.

Developed to take care of all the small-scale electronic needs such as batteries for radios and flashlights, the average cell phone, the game boy or just a camping flashlight, if you are going out into the woods for a weekend, electronic equipment can make the difference between life or death in some cases, and as long as you have a powerplant on-sight, you can set up camp anywhere around the world.

This battery charger made by GoldMaster is solar powered, with a built in 7 volt panel, it comes with an adjustable stand and is made of weather resistant fiberglass.

It will charge up to four NIMH or NiCad batteries at one time be they size D, C, AA or AAA.

It will also charge any portable game systems, torch/lantern, toys, radio/cassette player or mobile phones (all cables and multi-plugs are included).

It will charge under overcast skies (but of course, the more sunlight the better), the whole item measures 7 x 2.5 x 7, weighs 2 pounds and ships at 4 pounds.

Other Solar Powered Battery Chargers:

If you are thinking about bugging out this summer, remember to take all the essentials of good living with you and the family; a solar powered battery charger being the cheapest, most lightweight and efficient product to keep you in contact with civilization all season long.


Posted in Solar Gadgets by admin on March 27, 2008.

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