Solar Power for your Home

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Solar Power for your Home, 2nd Edition is an excellent source of information on solar powered homes as well as other kinds of renewable energy sources; perfect for helping you make a decision for your own home.

Every conceivable topic revolving around solar powered homes, with updated information on state incentives and rebate programs, delving into the basics of solar how-to, as well as what other options exist and making a decision about what is best for your situation.

The authors, Dan Ramsey and David Hughes collaborate to provide all you need to know about home building, buying, construction, remodeling, general repair, design and renewable energy systems; all pertaining to the subject of solar homes to help you both understand what all the hype is about and make your own judgments about it, before making any long-term investments in the area.

It isnt hard to go solar, any average American who knows how to read and do simple calculations will be able to understand what makes this such an alluring field of renewable energy, providing the keystones to a more self-reliant tomorrow.

Solar power can be so techy that contractors and sales representatives can seem like they know everything; this is the book that gives you the right questions to ask them and at the same time, full understanding of they are trying to say, turning idiots into experts.

This 336-page 2nd edition paperback, was first published by Penguins Alpha Books in May of 2007, measures 8.26 x 5.23 x 0.9 and ships at 1.2 pounds.

This is the introduction of champions into the world of solar powered homes, so if you already know The Complete Idiots Guide series, Solar Power for your Home second edition could be just what you have been looking for while making the decision to invest in renewable energy.


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