Solar Patio Covers

There is art in utility. Solar patio covers are not just trendy. From a second story view the seamless integration of the panel is appealing to look at.

From below the solar patio cover is unnoticeable. A patio cover is a great place to install solar paneling. The location is unassuming. The renewable energy resource is not a statement visually at all.

It is there. But it is not loud. This understated power source is proof that solar power is coming into its time.

Video of a homeowner’s solar patio cover project

This is the beginning of an era where not having a solar energy source on a property is arcane. The solar patio cover is artistic proof that we are entering a time where the use of solar power is so mainstream that the argument for renewable solar power will soon be passé.

Solar Patio Covers provide shade, for outdoor social areas, carports, garden gazebos and other similar structures. The patio cover produces 200-300 kwh of electricity that is ecofriendly, and can be sold back to the grid.

Most installations take up at 250-450 sq ft area. When planning to install it is important to keep this in the back of your mind.

In many places in the American U.S. the government will pay $20,000.00 in rebates for installing a medium size solar panel.

Solar Patio Covers are art in utility.


Posted in Solar Gadgets by admin on October 4, 2008.

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