Solar Laundry

Solar Laundry is the optimization of a Laundry dry cleaning company through the use of solar water heating and air-cooling systems.

Solar Laundry is an important concept for the future of Laundromats because of the incredible amounts of energy used to produce hot water and air conditioning; with prices just going up every year.

Hot water uses on the average something like 70% of all the energy consumed in a residential home, including the laundry, and if we use solar water heating instead of oil electric or natural gas, we would be using a clean, renewable and self-reliant system that makes a difference both for the environment as well as the people that live on this planet.

Dry cleaners and Laundromats the nation-over are beginning to feel the impact of a growing electron slinging consumer population by losing money every month with skyrocketing energy prices, that just seem to go up.

The more the talk of being self-reliant and sustainability start getting into the media, the more expressions like solar laundry turn into common household words.

By changing over to solar heated water systems and thermal air-cooling, a solar laundry will pay a fixed (reasonable) price every year, between 4-6 years for a system that is expected to last for at least 20 years.

Solar Laundry is a self-sustainable system that needs no maintenance or looking after as the electronics of the system monitor temperatures and solar levels 24 hours a day to optimize and regulate activity without human intervention.

So why more laundries going solar? Because the small business man who knows that within three years or so he will be selling this enterprise to take on another, is never interested in making a deal for the long-term.

And that is what a solar laundry really is for the businessperson, a long-term investment for at least 6 to 20 years.

Long-term investments are the ones that last, the ones that show commitment and the ones that are most interested in solar laundry, thus since 1977, only dry cleaners with progressive thinking have invested in this.

Once paid for, the system is absolutely free! And its the same in anyplace that one might be interested in opting for solar water heating; the initial cost may take a few years to pay, but those increasing energy bills will be a thing of the past!

Solar Laundry is the next stage in dry cleaning evolution and thanks to companies such as Solar Service Inc. that implement even enormous investments such as the 150,000 U$ system at the Worlds Largest Laundromat which saved the owner from going out of business.

Solar Laundry is a way to make do-it-yourself dry cleaners and Laundromats self-reliant within just 6 years, after that, its yours

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