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Solar Energy in Negev for Half of Israel

Israel’s big deserts such as the Mojave where solar energy plants have been built to harness the power of the sun will be used as models for the Negev in Israel. An amazing half of the countries needs within the next 15 years and they will still have power left over to help Jordan, coming to more than 80% of their needs in 30 years.

Small US based organizations began in recent years with low budgets to implement phase one and this year phase two is already under way. Government funding is used in small doses to produce sustainable villages such as the Bedouin village of Derijat.

Seeing how Derijat is not linked to the grid, their conventional lighting comes through portable fossil fuel generators, with new solar sustainability; Derijat becomes a valuable source of non-pollution as well as energy generation.

Many energy companies, even international ones are in on this project. The Solar Electric Generating System (or SEGS) in California is a Solel system:

The largest new project in which Solel may participate is the building of a new large-scale solar power plant in the Israeli Negev desert. Like the Mojave Desert, the Negev is a large area, mostly uninhabited and has ample sunlight all year round. – Isracast.com

With major political figures heading these projects such as Amos Yaron, engineer Dov Raviv (MST), Vice Premier Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Jordans King Abdullah, this project could potentially provide 80% of Jordans energy at the end of 30 years according to IsraelNationalNews.com.

Starting small with little villages such as Derijat in the initial wave the project will grow. After implementing and educating the population on maintenance and repair, the plan is to build larger solar plants that once built, will provide jobs for local residents and a source of power so intense, over half the power in Israel will come from the Negev region.

Image credit: Isracast.com


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