Solar Hot Water Heating in California

By using solar water heating in California to replace the current dependence on imported natural gas, Environment California predicts that their state can spearhead the trend to move away from fossil fuel use (yet once again), in their April report of 2007:

Through independent research and tough-minded advocacy, Environment California is winning concrete results for clean air, clean water and open spaces that rebuke even the most powerful interests that stand in the way of environmental progress.

By focusing on solar thermal, the group believes that California could save up to 1.2 billion therms of natural gas a year. That is 24% of all the natural gas used in Californian homes at present.

Historically, California has used solar water heating since as early as the 1800’s and as a reliable and renewable fountain of free water heating, solar thermal energy really is the best alternative available in California even today.

If this really gets off the ground in California, the chances are, passive water heating will also catch on throughout the continental US, Hawaii and even Alaska! Perhaps even the world…

From California, to all of America, solar water heating becomes a streamline idea for the nation and world we have come to love know; solar water heating could cut natural gas use everywhere.

Environment California’s April 2007 report on solar hot water heating could spearhead a movement the world over.

Solar Water Heating: How California Can Reduce Its Dependence on Natural Gas:
Environment California’s April 2007 report


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