Solar Christmas Lights

Solar Christmas lights are bringing grid free holiday cheer.

A great present to give your pocket book this coming Christmas is the gift of not running up a high electric bill.

This holiday outdoor lighting set up runs on the light of the sun.

Instead of dirty energy, which is like giving a kid a lump of cool for Christmas, nearly clean photovoltaic PV solar panel runs this string of lights.

Although it sounds counter intuitive, here is how the lights work.

In the day light the panel collects the power from the sun, stores it: At sundown the lights turn on.

There is no need for another power source.

If you are looking to save money this season, then Solar Christmas lights will help you accomplish this goal.

These lights are helping Americans have a less grid dependent Christmas this coming season.

How about a solar powered wreath? 🙂


Posted in Solar Gadgets by admin on November 19, 2008.

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