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A little about solar bicycles and how they work

A solar bike is a solar powered electric bicycle, an initiative to promote solar powered vehicles on the road as well as a healthier lifestyle overall, by reducing pollution and increasing physical activity.

There are as many solar bike styles as there are bicycle designs. Basically, until in recent years, anyone looking to own a solar powered bicycle would have to build one on their own, but now they are available commercially such as E-V Sunny Bicycle and semi-commercially as well, such as with Sun-e-trike recumbent bicycle kits that you mount at home.

Solar Trike Video – To better understand the potential of solar powered light vehicles.

In order to make the wheels move, an electric motor is powered by rechargeable batteries (sometimes, inside the frame) that are in turn, harnessing the power of the sun with photovoltaic solar panels.

A solar bicycle will accept pedaling input and they have enough motorized speed to commute to and from work in the city for the average urban dweller.

With more and more talk of sustainability being the future, these are options that become more and more viable, yet, while people tend to shudder and cringeat all the physical strength required to ride a bicycle to work, the solar bike shines in more ways than one.

It actually moves on solar power alone if you dont want to pedal!

Of course, as any bicycle, the more of an athlete the rider is, the more efficiency a person can get out of them, but what sets these aside, is the motorized aspect.

A solar bike is not just mechanical energy, it is electric energy as well, harnessing the power of the sun to create speeds as fast as 32 miles an hour with pedaling and batteries together, or as slow as 8 miles an hour with nothing but solar power.

Some people cant even jog eight miles an hour, let alone run at 32 miles an hour. While it is possible to achieve higher speeds with an athletes bicycle, these solarelectric bicycles were designed for people who go and come back from work or school in traffic everyday alone in a car (sized for two to four, creating traffic jams) and never have to reach such high speeds as 55 miles an hour.

University of Iowa Solar Bike

Getting people to ride bicycles in the city to commute in places where they already have cars is like pulling teeth without painkiller. Nobody wants to do it.

But when people have the desire to hone their conscience with something more environmentally friendly that does the same job a car or motorcycle does, but better and in a self-reliant manner, things start to change.

Could the solar bike be that kind of change?

A solar bike offers a sustainable alternative to commuter cars in dense and overcrowded urban environments through clean and efficient solar electrical bicycles and tricycles that get the job done in a self-reliant fashion that cuts down on CO2 emissions and builds a better tomorrow, today.


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