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The Solar BikeRayce USA is a yearly held international solar bike race, where creativity is more valuable than winning, with the main objective being to stimulate the interest in the sciences and technology, while raising awareness on alternative energy sources.

The raycers (a pun off of sun rays and racers); pedaled and non-pedaled solar-electric-assist vehicles known as solar bikes come in all shapes, sizes and have no one way to be built (from two, three or even four wheels), giving freedom to the creative mind and harnessing the knowledge of human collective in a way that only the passion and inspiration of art truly can.

Get pumped/motivated watching The University of Iowa, College of Engineering, Solar Bike Team Raycer 2007

Since 1999, Topeka Kansas has held this closed course Solar BikeRayce, and since 2000 it has annually been at Heartland Park, racing men, women and mixed competitions just for the fun of learning about the differences in design.

Formula Sun Education Foundation organizes this event and sponsors include; Kansas Corporation Commission, New Resources Group, and the Mid-America Renewable Energy Technology (MARET) Center at Crowder College in Neosho Missouri.

The fastest averages of solar bikes in 2001 were between 19 and 25 miles per hour along a 1.8-mile track.

On the average one might say, somewhere out there in the middle of all those designs, lurks a model of solar raycer that has yet to be built, but it is that singular model or perhaps even those singularly unique modelsthat could revolutionize the way we see private urban transportation, today.

So what physically consists of a solar raycer? Aside from all the custom components needed to build the bicycle aspect of the vehicle, these beasts of urban speed usually come equipped with such gadgets as electric motors, motor controllers, solar panels and rechargeable batteries.

Competing in an open fashion, is the only real way to reach the pinnacle of human potential, and Solar BikeRayce USA is honing human technology and creative seeds into a physical form that our generation desperately needs to free ourselves from the shackles of an oppressively over-industrialized western nation-speak that thrives on the precious and limited black blood of Earths bosom.

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