SolaDesign offers daylight harvesting and lighting control systems, improving the quality of indoor space lighting, be it morning, noon, afternoon or twilight.

Serving DC, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey, SolaDesign will help your home, school or business recieve awards, partner with other green providers, recieve payback on initial investment, increase productivity, evaluate a buildings systems for more efficient control and reduce overall energy costs.

SolaDesign comes with a proven track record for success, easy low-cost installation, optimal flexibility for your lighting system, highest quality of florescent lighting, significant reduction to your utility bill and automatic adjusting electronic ballast with daylight harvesting.

SolaDesign is an owner operated company with a multidisciplinary team of installation, supply and design experts in daylight harvesting lighting control systems that bring daylight indoors in a more sustainable way that improves quality of life for everyone, be they residents, employees or customers.

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Posted in Solar Times by admin on May 21, 2008.

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