Rent Solar Panels

The RenU program at Citizenré Company allows the homeowner to rent solar panels for the same price or less, than they are paying right now for a maximum of twenty-five years.

RenU program allows homeowners tired of rising prices to rent solar panels to generate a more sustainable energy source, rather than pay the rising metering prices on the grid; paying only for what they consume.

For you, the solution just might be to rent solar panels instead of buying your own, because Citizenré Company does all the legwork for you; buying the solar panels, installations, repairs, operations and maintenance.

The company owns the solar panels and the homeowner just rents them out for as long as needed for no more than the price of your current electric bill.

By 2007, almost two thirds of the continental US states had net metering, and a little less than half of those states had net metering everywhere in the state; while the other half had metered locations in only certain areas, the last third still did not offer net metering.

In a little less than one third of the states in the continental US, net metering was still not available for the states of South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, West Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina and Alaska.

The US states that offered full net metering services included: Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia, Virginia, Delaware, District of Colombia, Maryland, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Hawaii.

All other states only offered net metering in certain areas; to see if you live in an area that the RenU program caters to, has full details, including a calculator and educational information for those interested in going solar.

Citizenré RenU program just might be what you were looking for, especially with rising electricity bills, energy is precious and sustainable practices are coming to the rescue.

To rent solar panels today, just might make our tomorrow that much more environmentally friendly.


Posted in Solar Times by admin on January 30, 2007.

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