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Holographic Solar Technologies

Prism Solar Technologies is breaking former paradigms about solar technology, and best yet, Holographic photovoltaic solar works for the end user!

What is so special about this infant company that seems to have emerged over night from early 2005 till now? Low cost that end users will be able to afford and innovative solutions to earlier challenges for architects and do it yourself home remodelers.

When venture capitalists take the time to research an area or a field of investment, they always have their minds set on profit and a good sense of what will be a breakthrough in on the futures market. And Clean Energy Investment in the world of venture is no exception.

Prism Solar Technologies is a subdivision of Direct Global Power Inc., an investing group. PST has many other investors as well as internal employees that all come through contacts with clean energy investing and make this company soar to new heights.

What makes PSTs product so interesting is not just the fact that they managed to cut the cost on traditional photovoltaic solar cells by 85%, but also the fact that they managed to cut out some 85% of the traditional opac silicon cell area, leaving only 15% of the surface area striped with photovoltaic.

So what happens to the rest of the surfacearea? Transparent! You can see right through it. To some degree that is, as it is really a series of holographic optical redirections of light. The clear area is filled with special refractive elements smashed between two pieces of glass that redirect the most efficient rainbow spectrums directly into the photovoltaic cells increasing their efficiency immensely.

In easy to understand language, this means that the cells are far cooler than traditional models, more practical for use as say windows or skylights, more eye appealing and especially cheaper.

One fact that the world is facing is the every faster consumption of silicon, a product that gets more and more expensive by the year. While almost as abundant as oxygen, silicon is still far too costlyin solar energy cells for the end consumer to be able to buy.

PSTs solution is to simply cut down the use of silicon by 85%, thereby cutting costs to a revolutionary price range that becomes accessible to those who formerly could not afford solar panel technology and creates a competitive boom in the market, unlike anything seen before in the area.

Holographic photovoltaic solar energy is making a run through the market that is incredible. Every month a new investor appears, with something interesting to offer PST, and usually this happens at conventions where people in the know go to find the best of the very best.

These holographic photovoltaics do much more than simply redirect light coming from one single direction, as their nature makes them passive solar trackers. It doesnt matter from which direction the sun hits the plate; only the best colors get directed to the solar cells.

A new second-generation design is already underway with the development of a special bilateral solar cell, that can take light from both sides and direct it into (or even back into) electricity.

The people at PST are also worth mentioning, as some of them have been pioneering in this field of optics for more than twenty years. Specialists from the US government and evenGeneral Electric among others, are just some of the places these professionals have tried their ideas.

But now the world is ready to listen, the team is the best of the best and the product is promising in every way. Holographic photovoltaic solar energy cells are making a revolution.


Posted in Solar Times by admin on April 25, 2006.

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