Photovoltaic Laminates

Photovoltaic Laminates as solar shingles are an intriguingly lightweight and flexible form of PV technology, with durable encapsulation in UV stabilized polymers.

Usually used in conjunction with structures already linked to the grid, PVL technology is an easy way to make efficient use of any roofing or walled surface, such as a house, barn or skyscraper.

Much like shingles, photovoltaic laminates will hold up for years against the wear and tear of wind, rain, sleet and snow, while harnessing the fabulous energies of our sun on a daily basis.

Between 64W and 136W, this is a virtually unbreakable material that you can easily peel and stick upon metal plating, such as a metal plated roof.

Schools, municipalities, institutions, renovation and new constructions can all find money savings in this versatile technology that has been around for years, but rarely as widespread as now.

The idea that we live in a global community is now spreading widely, and the concepts of sustainability divulged with priority among nation-states; photovoltaic laminates are one more step in that direction, making capturing and harvesting the suns energy an easy and efficient step to be done locally.

Photovoltaic Laminates are taking our communities ever closer to the sustainable concept of solar villages, one sheet at a time.

Uni-solar Interior
Laminate Installation Video


Posted in Solar Times by admin on March 15, 2007.

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