Passive Solar House

A particular form of passive solar design, The Passive Solar House explains in subtle detail, the science of heating and cooling through solar in your home.

When we think about the amount of energy a home uses to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer, we are staggered at what an incredible cost, and we may even ask if it is really necessary.

Are there ways to make our homes more sustainable in this sense? Yes, and The Passive Solar House is one of those ways that has been working for more than a decade now.

Once, James Kachadorian kept a patent on these techniques, when he was the president of Green Mountain Homes, but now it is open to the public at large and even comes with a computer program that will calculate all you need to know about your own project, along with any design modifications, and what kind of changes those modifications will actually create in the energy efficiency of your home.

It really is all about being energy efficient and more sustainable.

Passive solar homes take ancient knowledge from civilizations that were once great on this earth, and fuses that wisdom with building materials and concepts of today; into something far more sustainable and self-reliant, that will get the job done today, and in the long run, save energy for your pocket and the environment itself.

This 210-page paperback, written by James Kachadorian, published by Chelsea Green in June of 1997, measuring 10 x 8 x 0.6, ships at 1.4 pounds.

A home that will heat and cool itself, passively, no extra expenses, just the remodeling, original design, or maybe even renovation, James Kachadorian brings extraordinary techniques to life in this book, The Passive Solar House, using solar design to heat and cool your home.


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