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This book on passive solar building design, is a scientific approach to calculating available solar energy and thermal storage for the sizing of auxiliary heating/cooling systems, but will take the professional step by step through the entire processof thermal analysis and design of passive solar buildings.

Not too many people understand the concept of entropy, but those of us who do, realize that we must conserve as much available energy as possible and condense the jobs done by each and ever last particle of thermal energy.

This is a book that takes that concept one beyond, into the realm of the designing of buildings to be thermally efficient, year round.

People know what it means to stay dry and warm all year round, just as much as they know what it means to burn up in the summer, which is why this concept must be taken farther than just providing a house full of skylights and sealing all windows and doors; the walls need to be taken into consideration and the materials they are made from.

When people finally realize the importance of conserving thermal energy in the home, and making the proper use of it, the right way, the market will flood with demand, will you be that professional who knows the answers to the markets demand?

This 296-page hardcover, written by A.K. Athienitis and Mat Santamouris, was published by Earthscan in November of 2002, measuring 9.3 x 6 x 0.8 and ships at 1.6 pounds.

For scientists, physicists, building engineers or the hardcore sustainable designer, this book takes you through each step of thermal analysis and design of passive solar buildings for a more comfortable quality of life that is ecologically correct as well as efficient.

This passive solar home video shows good basic design and low cost building:

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