Making Solar Cells

This book takes us through the history of materials, making and manufacturing of solar cells, abstracting how this area is growing and changing the world where we live, into something far more self-reliant and sustainable than any of us couldhave imagined thirty years ago, when it all seemed too expensive.

This is an abstraction from the source-book, Practical Handbook of Photovoltaics, a book that explains the fundamentals and applications such as capture and use of photovoltaic systems; Solar Cells picks up where the first one leaves off, delving into the industry itself.

Throughout the last three decades, explaining advances in design and manufacturing that have allowed us to incorporate this energy into an emerging renewable sector that is changing the world around us, one solar investment after another, in search of self-reliance.

Solar Cells is more than a list of the materials used in production, it goes beyond this element, into design, functionality, testing, monitoring and calibration, giving us a thorough examination of current activities in this field.

This 556-page hardcover, was written by Tom Markvart and Luis Castaner, published by Elsevier Science, measuring 9.3 x 6.3 x 1.3 and shipping at 2.4 pounds.

Making Solar Cells understandable; the materials, manufacture and operation, including current activities in the industry, and the journey that it has gone through to get where we are today, are all covered in a no-nonsense language that makes sense for the average American looking to learn from the specialists about what is going on and what will happen with the evolving industry of the self-reliant energy of tomorrow.

Online Media:
Making Solar Cells from Household Materials – Cornell EDU (adobe reader file)


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