Magnetek Solar Inverter

Magnetek Inc. offers new highly efficient solar converters.

There have been dramatic increases in use of alternative energy such as solar, hydro and wind power. Between the years of 2004 and 2005 alone there was a fifty percent increase in alternative energy usage.

One of the key components in an alternative energy system is the inverter. Simply put the inverter turns the alternative energy solar for example from DC Direct Current to AC Alternating Current. Alternating Current is what we use in our homes. DC current can be gathered either directly from a solar panel of set of batteries.

In either situation you need an inverter. For the last decade the efficiency of inverters has been a major roadblock to wide scale adoption of alternative energy.

This roadblock has been busted and blown away by a company called Magnetek Inc. Magnetek Aurora™ has produced a non-transistor based inverter, which has an efficiency rating of 97%. This level of efficiency is an important breakthrough towards wide scale adoption because it lowers overall installation costs.

Magnetek developed the inverter called the Aurora, which has a very wide DC input range. This wide range allows DC input from ninety to six hundred volts. Along with this large range the Aurora can pull from multiple alternative energy sources.

Could this be the missing piece to the alternative energy puzzle? Initial indications and adoption growth rates say it might just be.

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