Hydrogen Toy Car

H-2 Racer is a hydrogen toy car, complete with a hydrogen fueling station, intended as an educational toy that demonstrates how hydrogen cars work, complete with a solar panel, and adding the final touch to a sustainable alternative that makes sense for the future.

Alternative fuels need to come from renewable sources of energy and the H-2 Racer is a non-polluting toy muscle car that gets its energy from sunlight and water, both abundant sources of energy.

We love our racecars, but more importantly, we love the speed that a muscle car can dish out; that movement along the racetrack, like a lightning bolt or a particle of dynamic, spinning energy.

The solar panel powers the fueling station, in turn, transforming water into hydrogen and oxygen, storing the hydrogen in the fueling station, which then fuels the hydrogen fuel cell inside the H-2 Racer for a powerful burst of muscle-car engineering that makes sense.

Hydrogen Toy Car Video

The H-2 Racer has the smallest on-board hydrogen fuel cell yet commercially available, requires no batteries, takes about 20 minutes to assemble, comes with an instruction kit, solar panel, fueling station, does not perform like a remote control car, will operate for about 4 minutes (100 yards) on a full tank, and ships at only 3 pounds.

This is a hydrogen toy car that was developed for educational purposes, to show our children the sustainable possibilities of tomorrow, letting the imagination soar, through fun and excitement.

H2-Car Brochure (adode pdf file)


Posted in Solar Gadgets by admin on January 16, 2008.

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