Hybrid Solar Lighting

Hybrid solar lighting by Sunlight Direct is a bridge between conventional artificial lighting and fiber optics to achieve a healthier indoor environment and greater energy savings, possibly even making our nation up to 30% more self-reliant in electrical energy expenditures alone.

By a bridge, this means that the two systems are fully integrated in a technologically friendly way that has very little initial cost to the consumer or any major modifications to their already existing networks, has very important health advantages and are highly economic with incredible money and energy savings.

With hybrid solar lighting, the light of the sun hits down on a 48 inch parabolic mirror, focuses that light against a mirror that filters UV and IR light and is concentrated through over a 120 fiber optic cables that finally spit through a single spread-light fixture integrated directly into the traditional light fixture (florescent or incandescent) as an additional light (bulb).

Both incandescent lights and fluorescent light fixtures can be modified to usehybrid solar lighting technology. But in either case, the additional fiber optic luminescent is aesthetically pleasing and virtually unnoticeable to the human eye, unless inspected up close.

But the real advantages are in how the two systems play off ofone another; if it is just dawn for example, that reddish hue from the first rays of morning light will penetrate the parabolic system and this will illuminate the fiber optic cables with those exact same hues, color-code per color-code, everything except the UV and IR spectrums (which can be harmful to humans).

During the first morning hours, when the lights are turned on, the electrical lighting system will remain turned up to a low enough level that this natural lighting from the earths sun, can do its job with our biological clocks and wake us up as the saying goes, but still provide ample indoor lighting.

When the sun begins to rise during the day the levels of electrical light being consumed gradually go down, and from the zenith on toward dawn the electrical grid begins to pick up once again, without ever compromising those natural hues that are so essential to our human health.

By the end of the day, those hues of sunset remind those working inside what time it is, and that bedtime is close at hand, thereby creating a more humancycle biologically that is far closer to what Mother Nature originally intended for our species millions of years ago.

This conservation of electrical energy, through hybrid solar lighting would be fascinatingly important for retail stores, as tests have shown that this system can improve sales to up to 40%, while businesses that installed the system noted a 20% increase in employee productivity.

Overall, the United States would find that if everyone switched over to a hybrid solar lighting system, the consumption of electricity could be virtually reduced by 30%!

By the end of 2007, Sunlight Direct expects to have a working consumer model of this elite technology available to the public at large for a reasonable price and guaranteed for at least twenty years.

Hybrid Solar Lighting is making the future of our world a whole lot healthier and bringing the open sky back into our human lives.


Posted in Solar Times by admin on February 24, 2007.

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