A team with passion for solving technical problems, eSolar Inc. is dedicated to renewable energy (RE) that is cost competitive with fossil fuels, driving their engineers to pioneer a shift in technical thinking on the concept of solar thermal technology for a turn-key utility solution.

The solar energy plants eSolar makes are based on 25 MW units, and can lay out to over 500 MW as necessary to meet electrical power generation needs.

eSolar Inc. can develop custom solutions that make sense with an edge on solar thermal technology that is reliable, durable, quickly installed, stable, low profile and most importantly; cost effective, due to the mass production of small heliostats (which work like mirrors).

The solar arrays designed by eSolar Inc. use a parabolic solution, directing the full spectrum of solar light onto a single collection point like a satellite dish, working as a passive tracker, able to harness the full potential of the suns rays in any given plot of land.

Multiple arrays allow for a morestable solution in the event that one plant goes off-line, the others continue functioning; this is the perfect thing for hippie communities looking to build an Oasis in the middle of the South Western Mexican-American desert regions, as well as industries and factories.

This is a great idea for utility companies looking to invest in solar power quickly and cheaply, or cities looking to reach emissions standards on time.

But what makes eSolar Inc. so special, is going against the traditional bigger is better idea of most energy generation facilities (including renewable energy), using an array of smaller heliostatsthat are mass produced and placed geometrically into a parabolic fashion, onsite.

These smaller heliostats make production, transportation, and onsite installation faster and far more energy efficient than any other form of solar thermal energy that has yet to appear, eSolar Inc. is producing the next revolution in solar thermal energy plants.

Investing in renewable energy that is cheaper than fossil fuels is more than an objective for eSolar, it is their passion, creating a revolution that will show the world what RE can really do for a cleaner and greener tomorrow, starting today.

eSolar Inc.
130 West Union Street
Pasadena, CA 91103
Phone: 626.585.6900


Posted in Solar Times by admin on December 5, 2007.

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