Electric Assist Motors

An electric assist motor is simply a mechanism used to enhance the practicality of human powered transportation, usually such as bicycles, tricycles or even velomobiles, be they with traditional saddles or recumbent seats, using electromagnetic energy powered from onboard rechargeable batteries to assist the pilot in going farther faster, making for a more sustainable mode of transport than just electric or just mechanical pedaling.

Velomobile Electric Assist System – See it work.

Bicycles, even the recumbent tricycle (recumbents get the most efficiency out of our leg strokes), depend on the physical conditioning of the pilot to achieve maximum performance, be that performance speed, distance or both, making other modes of transportation more favorable for inner city transportation, such as the motorcycle or the car, especially when people enjoy doing as little as possible.

As an alternative, the electric assist motors available on the market today far outweigh anything that has been around before in terms of sustainable modes of transportation, but the biggest innovation has only come in recent years with more powerful and potent rechargeable battery packs, that are not only a reasonable weight, but also have versatile speed control options at the touch of a finger.

Electrical power to charge the batteries on electric assist motors can come from the grid or off the grid, models such as the Nano Motor or the Bionx Motor come with the electromagnetic motor placed inside a standard 26 inch rear wheel and pedaling or downhill will also further charge such systems manually.

Those with off the grid systems at home usually use either wind, solar or a combination of the two to provide a central powering station for such electric assist motors.

Practically speaking, any electric charging system can be used, but what gives this system an edge in sustainable practices is the self-sufficient autonomy of renewable energy sources.

In recent years, solar power has been pointed as one of the major determining factors in making the most out of electric assist motors, and getting them marketed on a larger scale, the keywords being self-reliance and sustainability.

An electric assist motor system with onboard power generation becomes analogous to the Viking sailing ships of old that could row when there was no wind, use the wind as an assist or just use the winditself when it was present; allowing more freedom of travel.

Who even needs to stay to the roads or near a gas station if the electric assist motor is on a mountain bike and carries its own solar panel?

Aesthetics however are a deep concern among enthusiasts, as solar panels have traditionally looked so big, bulky and rather non-curvature in nature, where sports cars look like bullets ready to fly, these have looked rather box or fish like.

In this interest, it has been suggested, especially for velomobiles (imagine these by thinking of the Flintstones family car), that by using thin-film solar technologies, the curves and the natural beauty of models such as Go-One3, can not only remain, but also provide the necessary power generation as they are flexible and even semi-transparent.

When such sustainable power generators as thin-films, are made with sustainable practices at the factory itself in order to reduce their CO2 footprint, solar electric assist becomes even more sustainable!

The electric assist motor is readily becoming a more efficient alternative to gas guzzling motorcycles and cars, even the electric car, as it uses less energy, and can be absolutely free when used together with sustainable technologies like onboard thin-film solar power generators.

The electric assist motor is a more sustainable alternative to the world we live in, reducing traffic jams by reducing the space we take up as single passengers in a four seater (for example going to and from work or school), allowing awareness about the alternatives grow towards a more productive and pollution free tomorrow.


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