Citizenre REnU Solar Rental

Citizenre REnU is a solar panel rental company that does all the hard part of solar energy, while helping the homeowner off-set their own electricity bill; eliminating high-risk investment with a single fixed monthly rental fee that makes more sense than depending only on the grid.

Citizenre REnU will own, install, maintain, check-up and procure all the documentation that goes into having solar electricity in your home, charging nothing more than a monthly rental fee that comes out of what you would be saving on the current bill you get from the local power company.

The biggest benefit to Citizenre REnU is that the owner will no longer have to worry about sky-rocketing electricity bills over the next 25 years, nor the cost of replacement parts, maintenance fees or anything except the rental, which is fixed and well within their current budget.

Citizenre REnU Solar is solar power for those concerned about high-risk investment, skyrocketing energy bills from the grid and looking to add that feel of renewable energy to their own home, for a more sustainable quality of life, that makes sense.

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Posted in Solar Times by admin on May 21, 2008.

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