Build your own solar panel audio book

Solar Panels: How To Build Your Own is a solar panel audio book.

This audio book is great for the do it yourselfer who needs to learn on the run; or those of us who are sight impaired, and prefer to listen to books at our own leisure.

The book covers the basics of what anyone needs to know to put together a solar system for there home.

From beginning to the end of the audio tape, the auditory listener will find this lecture series helpful on completing a project they have set out to install as a functioning part of there home.

Solar Panels: How to Build Your Own audio book is making photovoltaic information accessible to people on a tight schedule, those who drive for a living, those who can speak English but cannot read it yet, or otherwise cannot stop working to read, people who already have a host of other books on their reading lists, and the visually impaired Do It Yourselfers across this great country.


Posted in Books, Solar Times by admin on January 19, 2010.

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