Build Solar Thermal Panel

For those interested in doing it themselves by building a solar thermal panel, The Sietch has made two designs that can fit economical and consumption needs for off-the-grid living.

Getting totally off the grid without sacrificing any of the basic creature comforts means providing such things as sustainable hot water heating for the maximum of energy efficiency. So how do you build a solar thermal panel by yourself on a budget in just a few hours?

There are a few options presented on The Sietch; an online community, based on the fictitious underground sustainable cave community in Frank Herberts novel Dune.

One design focuses on building with wood, pond liner, plexiglass, some screws and duck tape, the other on getting materials from your local dump and improvising.

For those building their own solar thermal panels for the first time, the investment of some 50 dollars in new materials is a great way to learn the basic principles of thermodynamics behind them.

Those looking to go all out and do-it-themselves for as cheap as possible, will find that it takes a great deal of creativity and sempre-fi to work around materials found at the local junk yard for free, as well as a good day just scrounging.

In fact, building a solar thermal panel is very very inexpensive, can be fun, made from recycled materials or materials easily found for a small price at the local hardware store and provide an excellent source of hot water on sunny days.

As a family project, solar thermal panels made together with friends and loved ones can be an excellent activity.

The wooden solar thermal panel illustrated in detail, step by step on TheSietch.Org is an excellent example of one plan that works well. The first prototypes, might leak and need repair, but with a little evaluation and care, can be quickly fixed up.

The metal solar thermal panel illustrated in detail on TheSietch.Org is actually a refrigerator coolant system, rubber floor mat, the inner parts of a sofa, duck tape and some aquarium tubing.

Reading both carefully is a great way to start thinking about the design you want to make and which approach will be best suited for your needs.

Solar thermal panels are a cheap and innovative approach to heating water in American homes, where the price of water heating is absurdly produced with electricity.

Have fun with your own creativity and build a solar thermal panel for your house today.


Posted in DIY Solar by admin on August 14, 2006.

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