Allsop Solar Art Lights

Solar art lights by Allsop are hand-blown Firefly(tm) original globes and flowers made of glass that stay lit for eight hours after sunset, using the rays of the sun during the day as its only fuel source and harnessing renewable energy to create a meditative resonance of light ambience that promotes a more sustainable gardening concept. There is the Calla Lilly, Blue Poppy and a stunning, Red Crackle Glass Art GlobeChoose a Solar Art Light

This amber globe comes with a detachable stake section made of rust resistant stainless steel to achieve two different sizes, a photo sensor that slowly turns on at dusk and it harnesses the power of the sun through the internal solar panel that charges the internal batteries (included).

No wires, no electricity and no maintenance, these solar art lights are the perfect thing for supporting a plant or sapling, while continuously creating an abundant amount of light for eight hours after dusk for a more self-reliant and aesthetically pleasing result.

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Posted in Solar Gadgets by admin on April 2, 2008.

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