Advantages and disadvantages of solar power

One of the first disadvantages to solar power is the need for many solar panels to cover a large area of land. This can be taken care of simple by aiming solar panel reflectors from several buildings on to on absorption tower. The advantages of solar power is that is comes from the sun continually is constantly replenishing itself.

The light nature of this energy source dictates that a lot of light has to pass by to get a certain amount of energy. This is becoming less and less of a hurdle to get over since new technologies are coming out all the time to improve the percentage of light that can be turned into electrical energy in this manner.

Another advantage is that this light works in combination with other kinds of renewable energy. Light can heat at home or building, and natural wind and water can cool it. This is without the use of anything butlight, wind (breeze), water, and water pressure.

In the areas of the Earth that are missed by the sun from several days to six months at a time, solar power will only work in combination with another renewable energy source: Or a very well developed energy storage.

A plan to store the energy would have to involve stockpiling converted solar energy. At the current capacity it would take years to support an infrastructure of a region over a six-month period.

Still being able to sustain a good part of the daylight year free from coal and oil is a wonderful step in the right direction. It is also a viable place to reinforce the use of renewable sources such as solar power with carbon credits. This would make the switch from oil to something renewable well worth the effort. It would also help thwart any unforeseen budget deficits that could come up with an ecoconversion on that large of a scale.

The nonrenewable resources that are alternate to solar power have an even bleaker horizon just around the corner. Ethanol growth redistributes farming land, and bioplastic do this as well. If we same the farm land for bio plastics and food. We would be left with solar arrays, and reflectors on our buildings as garden art in our turn towards roof gardening in the common culture.

With the newest addition of the dye that makes windows absorb more light energy and turn it into electricity; we can place windows horizontally over our garden and farming areas. If they focused to much light onto the plants below the window/panel could be turn upright. Or aimed at an angle refracting light during the hotter parts of the day at something that itcan not burn., or even toward another solar panel.

The move to global solar power rest on the how hard the global community comes together, or put strong effort into taking care of there own people. Currently the cost of photovoltaic (PV) panels is not as low as the price needs to be. At the last pricing they coast around $20,000.00 each.

The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages of solar power. With a little creativity, and patience our dependence on a central company to dole out electricity expensively will greatly diminish. And our personal need for self-sustenance with increase in a very time from now.


Posted in DIY Solar by admin on September 17, 2008.

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